We know it’s tough to find good gluten free food and desserts, especially when you’re going out to eat. Karla – one of the owners – is our chief baker, cook, and monkey wrangler. She also happens to have developed a sensitivity to gluten over the last few years. It’s been her mission to find a way to make sure that anyone that shares this particularly un-fun ailment will be able to enjoy a meal and indulge their sweet-tooth while they’re here.

To this end we have researched and found an excellent gluten free sandwich bread that can be substituted in any of our sandwiches. It’s an excellent bread that doesn’t suffer from the dry, undersized disadvantages most gluten free breads you can find on the supermarket shelves do.

And, of course, that’s not all! Through much experimentation, Karla’s developed her own gluten free flours and techniques that allow her to make the same caliber of desserts the Mustard Seed is known for without the gluten!

So come on down to the Seed and enjoy one of our signature sandwiches, and then satisfy your sweet craving – all while sticking to your gluten free diet! We look forward to seeing you here.